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Drain Cleaning – Eliminate that Drain Back-up

You wake up one morning.  The kids are running late for school.  You are running late for work.  And one of the kids yells, “Mom there is nasty water backing up in the toilet and bathtub!”  You immediately think, “What else could go wrong, what is going on, and who should I call?”
Fortunately, this terrible situation is what we deal with on a daily basis.  It is our mission to not only fix the problem at hand, but leave you worry free and stress free during the process.  Our licensed plumbers will diagnose, educate you on your options for correcting the problem, and fix the issue quickly and efficiently.
Backed up home sewer systems can be a huge headache and have the potential to case damage to the home.  It is imperative you call a professional Indianapolis plumber to address these issues.

We can evaluate the problem for you quickly.  Peterman is equipped with professional drain technicians who specialize in evaluating and solving drain issues.  We inspect the pipes to determine the problem and recommend the least invasive solution. We may be able to simply run a line to unclog your pipes, or we can shoot carefully controlled high-pressure water into your system to break up the clog and have it up and running for you in no time. It may look like it is just the kitchen sink that is backing up, but our drain technicians will go the extra mile to evaluate your entire drain system to make sure there are no other issues down stream that may turn into a larger issue down the road.  If your dishwasher or washing machine has standing water remaining after you run a load, call us quickly so we can clean your pipes before your machine overflows.

Ultimately, know that Peterman has professional plumbing drain technicians waiting to help you in a time of need and make sure your issue does not become a larger one.

Where might I see problems…

The kitchen may have blockage or buildup from grease or common debris from regular use. Your dishwasher may not be draining or even leaking on the floor because of a clogged line. The bathroom may also have clogs from the build-up in the drains from the showers and sinks.  All of these may have sediment, grease or trash in them that would create a slower drain. This slow build up of debris can suffocate the lines and eventually cause it to be blocked completely. If you notice that water isn’t leaving as fast as it should, contact us right away. Regular maintenance is a great way to prevent these problems from occurring, and when your water is backing up, you need professional help to prevent further damage to your home!

Preventive Maintenance

If you want to prevent the situation where the water is backing up, regular maintenance is the solution.  It’s important for the safety of your home to consistently maintain a clear pipe.  Our plumbers are experts and can help you determine a simple and least invasive approach to maintaining your pipes.  We want to help you prevent waste from building up and bubbling back up into your sinks or bathtub or toilets.

Professional Plumbing Drain Technicians

Our professional drain technicians specialize in protecting our the drains of our customers.  Even if you have never used us before, trust in Peterman to get you taken care of when it comes to your drain and sewer system. We will come in and solve your problems in an efficient manner and at the most reasonable cost to you. Our customers have complete satisfaction in all of our services and our plumbing drain technicians.