Drain Repair

Undoubtedly, your drain system is something in your home you would rather not think about.  When you rinse something down the drain in the kitchen or finish up your morning shower, you are not worried about the home drain system that carries the wastewater away out to the main sewer system in your neighborhood.

What good would your plumbing system be without a functional drainage system? The drains in your home are a feature of the modern plumbing system that most of us could not imagine getting by without. The drains stay out of view of your home so that you don’t have to think about the waste that goes through it. But this means that many homeowners end up neglecting their drains until they require major drain repairs.

Drain repairs usually result from very old drain piping or a clog in the drain line system.  When a drain issue occurs it is essential to get the issue address quickly and efficiently.  Our professional plumber drain technicians are always ready to quickly make their way out to your home to diagnose the drain issue, educate you on your options and take care of the drain repair.  Whether you are in Broad Ripple, Irvington, Carmel, Indianapolis, Greenwood, Fishers, or any other surrounding Indianapolis area, Peterman is who to call when it comes to your drain system and getting the drain repair done right the first time!

Peterman provides professional drain repair service in Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, and the below surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Preventing the Need for Drain Repair

When we show up for a drain repair job, many homeowners ask how the problem occurred in the first place. Often, a drain repair could have been prevented with the proper care and maintenance. With the drain system being something we would rather not think about, we often do things that may be harmful to the drain system.  One reason for drain issues is stress on the drain system.  We may shove everything left in a cooking dish or off a plate down the garbage disposal or flush things other than toilet paper down the toilet.  These things, along with others put a lot of stress on our home drain systems and can lead to a drain repair.

Helpful tips regarding your drain system…

Always run the garbage disposal when disposing of food scraps, and dispose of hard food scraps (like meat bones) and fibrous foods items (like onion skins) in the trash instead. You should also avoid disposing of fats, oils, and grease in the drains, as these solidify and cling to the drain lining, leading to clogs and other issues.

How to Tell That You Need Drain Repair

When there is trouble with your drains, you should call for a plumbing drain technician immediately, so that the problem does not go from bad to worse. This includes even very small clogs.  If you notice your kitchen or bathroom sink drain is running slower than normal, it may be time to call a professional drain technician to address this issue.  A small clog in your kitchen sink drain that goes unattended can lead to being unable to use your kitchen sink!  Paying attention to your drain system, even though you would rather not, could have you sleeping easier without that huge headache of a clogged drain.

Pay attention to any signs that your drain lines have been compromised, including foul odors and wet spots around your property. If a portion of your yard is growing in rather quickly, there may be a breach in the sewer line underneath, often due to corrosion or tree root infiltration. This type of problem deserves immediate attention from our professional drain and sewer technicians.

Only a Call Away in Indianapolis to Avoid a Headache

If you need drain repair in Indianapolis, you can turn to the plumber drain technicians at Peterman. Whether it is a leak, clog, or corroding pipe, we have the proper equipment to handle any drain repair. Drain repairs are not for amateurs to attempt. They are very complicated and require a professional drain technician to properly diagnose, educate and repair a drain line issue.

Give us a call today at (317) 793.2900 for any and all drain line, sewer line, or secondary drain issues.  We will get you taken care of when it comes to maintaining and servicing your drain system.