Main Line Sewer Cleaning

Your plumbing consists of two parts. There’s a freshwater system that brings water from the city or your well system into the home and then runs hot and cold water lines to the various fixtures, faucets, and appliances. Then there’s the wastewater system that consists of all the drains and lines that remove sewage and waste from the home. The crucial component of the wastewater system is the sewer line that takes the collected waste and moves it under your property to the Indianapolis city sewer line in the street or to your septic tank if you live in a more rural area.

Your home’s sewer system takes a lot of stress, especially over years of use and being situated underground.  Peterman plumbing drain and sewer technicians are able to provide cleaning services and video inspection services to make sure your main line sewer system is functioning properly and not in danger of being compromised. 

This job requires trained professional plumber drain and sewer technicians with experience and special cleaning equipment to clean out the full length of your drain line or inspect the drain with professional video recording systems.  Finding an excellent sewer cleaning service and sewer inspection service in Indianapolis only requires you to give us a call.  We will take care of all this dirty work, bring to your attention any issues we may notice, and educate you on the best way to monitor and maintain your main line sewer system.  We provide the best drain and sewer services in Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, Irvington and all other surrounding Indianapolis areas.  You can trust the Peterman drain and sewer team will leave you with a clean and efficient sewer line system.

The plumbing drain and sewer specialists at Peterman will  provide a thorough sewer cleaning and evaluation for your Indianapolis home Call Peterman today to schedule at (317) 793.2900.

Signs You Need Sewer Line Cleaning

A homeowner being able to diagnose a sewer line repair or the need for a sewer line cleaning is sometimes difficult.  Because a main sewer is located underneath the ground in your yard, it is important for a homeowner to understand the symptoms associated with a sewer line problem

  • Clogs throughout the house: A single drain clog usually means trouble with that particular drain line. But if drains throughout your home are having clogging issues simultaneously, you may have an issue with your main sewer line.  Because all the drain in your home are connected, a stoppage in the main line sewer can cause multiple drains to back up in the home.
  • Unusual behavior from plumbing fixtures: As a sewer line becomes less efficient you will start to see strange issues when trying to use fixtures tied to the drain system.  For example, if you flush the toilet and water comes up through the bathtub drain, you have a blockage down line in your sewer system.  If you notice this, it is time to call a professional plumbing drain and sewer expert from Peterman.
  • Smells from the drains: If your main sewer line becomes blocked, sewer gas will begin to push into the home through the drains, resulting in unpleasant odors in your house. If you notice these smells coming from multiple drains in your home, You need to call a plumbing drain and sewer technician immediately to hopefully avoid an issue that could get worse.

Why You Need a Drain and Sewer Cleaning Company

Sewer cleaning isn’t a job you will want to do on your own—and you shouldn’t! The professional drain and sewer technicians will use advanced equipment such as rooters and high-powered water jetting equipment to clean out the sewer line.  High-pressure jetting is a particularly effective way to clean out a sewer line.  It uses blasts of high pressure water from specially configured nozzles to scour the inside of the sewer pipe without damaging it.

Service Area for Sewer Cleaning and Sewer Repair

  • Indianapolis Sewer Cleaning
  • Carmel Sewer Cleaning
  • Fishers Sewer Cleaning
  • Greenwood Sewer Cleaning
  • Franklin Sewer Cleaning
  • Columbus Sewer Cleaning
  • Whiteland Sewer Cleaning
  • Martinsville Sewer Cleaning
  • Mooresville Sewer Cleaning
  • Avon Sewer Cleaning
  • Brownsburg Sewer Cleaning
  • Speedway Sewer Cleaning
  • Beech Grove Sewer Cleaning
  • Lawrence Sewer Cleaning
  • Broad Ripple Sewer Cleaning
  • Geist Sewer Cleaning
  • Shelbyville Sewer Cleaning
  • Greenfield Sewer Cleaning
  • Zionsville Sewer Cleaning
  • Noblesville Sewer Cleaning
  • New Palestine Sewer Cleaning
  • Danville Sewer Cleaning
  • Westfield Sewer Cleaning
  • Irvington Sewer Cleaning