Main Sewer Lines

You turn on the sink or flush the toilet and the whole house is backing up.  You notice a water spot in the yard that seems unusual and the grass seems to grow a lot faster in that area.  These are both signs you may have a main sewer back-up.

If your sewer in Indianapolis is blocked, collapsed, or cracked, our professional drain and sewer plumbers will locate your sewer main problems fast with our sewer video inspection cameras; we’ll locate the exact problems with your sewer and show you with our video cameras and fix them quickly and efficiently.  Our Indianapolis plumber drain technicians are the leaders in sewer main repair, sewer cleaning services, sewer replacement, sewer pipe repair and sewer plumbing in Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, Irvington and all other surrounding Indianapolis areas.

Older main sewer pipes or lines age underground and erosion and disturbances in the soil cause sewer pipes to shift; but more often it’s the roots from trees in the sewer lines in search of moisture that cause main line sewer drains to clog and backup.  These roots will clog and break the joints in the sewer pipes. Our professionally trained drain and sewer plumbers are able to find the problem in your main sewer line with pin point accuracy using sewer line video cameras and diagnose the sewer problems fast; finding any breaks cracks, roots, or any other obstructions in sewer pipes or lines and repair the sewer lines right away.

Peterman provides professional drain repair service in Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, and the below surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at (317) 793.2900.

  • Indianapolis Sewer Replacement
  • Carmel Sewer Line Repair
  • Fishers Sewer Replacement
  • Greenwood Main Sewer Repair
  • Franklin Sewer Replacement
  • Columbus Sewer Replacement
  • Whiteland Sewer Replacement
  • Martinsville Replace Sewer
  • Mooresville Sewer Replace
  • Avon Sewer Replacement
  • Brownsburg Sewer Repair
  • Speedway Sewer Repair
  • Beech Grove Sewer Repair
  • Lawrence Sewer Replacement
  • Broad Ripple Sewer Replacement
  • Geist Sewer Replacement
  • Shelbyville Sewer Replacement
  • Greenfield Sewer Replacement
  • Zionsville Sewer Replacement
  • Noblesville Sewer Replacement
  • New Palestine Sewer Repair
  • Danville Sewer Replacement
  • Westfield Sewer Replacement
  • Irvington Sewer Replacement


How to Tell That You Need a Sewer Replacement

When there is trouble with your main line sewer, you should call for a plumbing drain and sewer technician immediately, so that the problem does not go from bad to worse. This includes even minor symptoms.  It is never to early to have a professional drain and sewer technician evaluate your main line sewer system with a camera to ensure there are no small issues that could become bigger issues over time.  If you notice your kitchen or bathroom sink drain is running slower than normal, it may be time to call a professional drain technician to address this issue.  Even a small clog in your kitchen sink drain could be the beginning signs of a main line sewer problem.  Paying attention to your drain system, even though you would rather not, could have you sleeping easier without that huge headache of a clogged main sewer drain.

Pay attention to any signs that your drain lines have been compromised, including foul odors and wet spots around your property. If a portion of your yard is growing in rather quickly, there may be a breach in the sewer line underneath, often due to corrosion or tree root infiltration. This type of problem deserves immediate attention from our professional drain and sewer technicians.

Only a Call Away in Indianapolis to Avoid a Headache

If you need drain repair in Indianapolis, you can turn to the plumber drain technicians at Peterman. Whether it is a leak, clog, or corroding pipe, we have the proper equipment to handle any drain repair. Drain repairs are not for amateurs to attempt. They are very complicated and require a professional drain technician to properly diagnose, educate and repair a drain line issue.

Give us a call today at (317) 793.2900 for any and all drain line, sewer line, or secondary drain issues.  We will get you taken care of when it comes to maintaining and servicing your drain system.