Sewer Video Inspection Services

Taking care of the main line sewer that runs from your house, under your property, and into the city sewer line is essential in making sure you don’t end up with a large repair.  The line running from your home to the street is not the responsibility of the city, but rather the sole responsibility of you, the homeowner.  Your utility company will not fix this line should it break or encounter other problems.  Given the complexity of a sewer system, it is imperative you call a professional plumbing sewer line expert if something should go wrong with your main line sewer.

You want to avoid sewer line clogging and damage if possible, and one way to prevent major issues is to schedule a pipeline inspection from drain and sewer plumbing professionals. Peterman employees the best drain camera technicians who can provide excellent pipeline inspection service in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.  They are able to uncover the state of the sewer line and identify areas for cleaning and repairs.  From simple clogs to tree roots, our drain line camera inspection services will be able to tell you what is wrong and how to fix it.

When to Call for Sewer Video Inspection

A sewer pipeline inspection is a good idea if you have just moved into an older home. The inspection will give you insight into if the sewer pipe is made from outdated material (such as galvanized steel or cast iron) and if it requires immediate repairs or replacement.  
You’ll be amazed by Peterman video pipe inspections.  This video camera inspection of your sewer and drain lines instantly allows us to see inside your drains and sewer.  We use a flexible fiber optic cable with a high-resolution video camera attached to the front. We then insert this flexible, waterproof camera into your clogged or broken drain lines allowing us to slowly move through your drains to locate and diagnose the problem.  We also use the video camera to inspect our work when we complete your drain line repairs, and to show you as well, to make sure your drain lines are working perfectly when we’re through.

Video Camera Inspections are Great for…

  • Video camera inspections can precisely locate broken or cracked sewer lines, drain lines that have deteriorated or collapsed sewer lines that restricting flow.
  • Leaking drains lines that have broken as result of erosion and/or shifting of the soil allowing the surrounding areas to become contaminated.
  • Drain lines that have been damaged by tree roots that penetrate the pipes and then grow inside drain lines and prevent the flow of waste and water.
  • Drain lines that have sunk or collapsed and no longer drain properly as a result of low spots and cracks in the drain lines.
  • Drain lines that don’t drain as a result of sub-standard material and or poor installation resulting in drainage problems.
  • Then the most common of all just plain old clogs from buildup of grease, gunk and junk over long periods of time. We have just the cure for this problem and it’s fast and cost effective.

If the drains in your home begin to behave oddly and are not draining as well as they should, or if you notice damp spots on the lawn with a sewage smell to them, you should also call for a sewer pipeline inspection immediately to determine what is wrong and what needs to be done to make sure it doesn’t end up costly you money and giving you a large headache.

Sewer Inspection Service Area

  • Indianapolis Sewer Inspection
  • Carmel Sewer Inspection
  • Fishers Sewer Inspection
  • Greenwood Sewer Inspection
  • Franklin Sewer Inspection
  • Columbus Sewer Inspection
  • Whiteland Sewer Inspection
  • Martinsville Sewer Inspection
  • Mooresville Sewer Inspection
  • Avon Sewer Inspection
  • Brownsburg Sewer inspection
  • Speedway Sewer Inspection
  • Beech Grove Sewer Inspection
  • Lawrence Sewer Inspection
  • Broad Ripple Sewer Inspection
  • Geist Sewer Inspection
  • Shelbyville Sewer Inspection
  • Greenfield Sewer Inspection
  • Zionsville Sewer Inspection
  • Noblesville Sewer Inspection
  • New Palestine Sewer Inspect
  • Danville Sewer Inspection
  • Westfield Sewer inspection
  • Irvington Sewer Inspection