Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces

Standard Efficiency Gas Furnace

When it comes to choosing a new furnace, there are a multitude of options you can choose from. Here in Indiana, given our climate, a furnace is a must when winter rolls around. At Peterman, we install high quality Bryant furnaces. These particular pieces of equipment are made right here in Indianapolis by our friends and neighbors!

One important option you have when deciding on a furnace is efficiency. Bryant's 80% efficient gas furnaces have been a staple in their line for some time now. They are a durable and reliable product that a homeowner can depend on when the outside temperature falls.

Bryant Plus80 Gas Furnace Line

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Bryant Tier System Explained...

The Bryant tier system is used to categorize furnaces within their different efficiency categories, Plus80 and Plus90. These tiers offer the homeowner different benefits when it comes to their home comfort system.

Evolution® System – The Evolution System is Bryant's top of the line model with all the "bells and whistles." This unit allows the homeowner maximum control over temperature, fan speed, humidity, air quality, and runs diagnostic tests on the equipment. With this system you can look to see the most cost savings and maximum energy efficiency.

Preferred™ Series – The Preferred Series is another outstanding system by Bryant. Second only to the Evolution, the Preferred Series offers the homeowner control over temperature and humidity, along with, two stages of heating.

Legacy™ Line – The Legacy Line is the basic "builder's model" unit. This is the perfect unit for homeowners on a tight budget. This unit would have the least energy savings of the different models.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Furnace...

Who – You can buy the best furnace on the market, but if it is installed incorrectly it will not function properly. You will lose efficiency and any savings you were expecting on your utility bills. Learn more about Why Choose Peterman.

Efficiency – The more efficient your furnace, the more savings you can expect to see. Higher efficient units use less energy to heat your home during the heating season. Learn about our higher efficient 90% Efficient Gas Furnaces.

Fan Motor – Bryant fan motors play a huge role in the overall efficiency of your complete home comfort system. A variable speed fan motor is your most efficient motor, while a standard speed fan motor is a little less efficient. The more efficient the fan motor the less stress on your entire system.

Stages of Heating – Different stages of heating allow your furnace to operate more efficiently. With multiple stages, a furnace is able to use less energy when only a small amount of heat is required to satisfy the indoor temperature set point.

HYBRID HEAT® Technology

HYBRID HEAT® Technology

Smart, Flexible, and Efficient
A Hybrid Heat® system is formed by combining an electric heat pump and gas furnace. This system is designed to deliver comfort and efficiency during both cold and warm months and give you maximum control over your utility bills. When the winter chill arrives, the heat pump automatically switches between heating the home with the heat pump and furnace to utilize the most cost-effective fuel source and maintain greater efficiency. You can look to see the most savings with this particular combination.

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