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2023 Peterman Brothers Charity Showdown Winners

Spring is always one of my favorite times of the year for many reasons; of course, the weather is fantastic, but another is our Peterman Brothers Charity Showdown. With March behind us, we now have a new group of local charities to help all year long. Every year, more charities and the communities around them get involved in the nomination and voting.

What is the Charity Showdown?

Here is a breakdown if you’re wondering what the showdown is and why I am so excited about it.

Every year between January and February, we ask our Peterman Protection Club members to nominate their favorite community charities. Then in March, we hold a single elimination tournament bracket called the Peterman Charity Showdown, where the community votes weekly until four charities remain. The final four charities split $5 from every service call made to our members over a year.

In 2022 we donated more than $75,000 to our partners:

Throughout the year, we work to provide more than monetary support for our Charity Showdown winners. We do this via our social media channels, providing volunteers, holding donation drives, and more. We work with each winning charity to customize the additional support to fit their needs.

Record Breaking Year

By the end of our nomination process, we had more than 250 nominations from our members. We narrowed it down to 64 contestants for the tournament. Over the course of four weeks, we had almost 200,000 votes fill our brackets, smashing all previous years’ engagements!

The Results

After a fierce competition, we were left with only four partners, dubbed the Phenomenal Four.
Here are your 2023 Peterman Brothers Charity Showdown Winners:

What can you do to participate?

We are proud to support these charities and their valuable work in our communities. If you would like to participate in helping our Phenomenal Four, please follow our social media channels for updates on volunteer opportunities and special fundraising events.

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