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How was your St. Patrick’s Day? Did you find a metaphorical four-leaf clover that brought you good luck? Or did you miss the clovers this year, and have the misfortune of encountering a dirty bathroom while you were out celebrating?

If the latter scenario resonates a little more with your experience, don’t worry; Peterman Brothers is here to help you turn your luck around with better toilet etiquette! Not only will practicing toilet etiquette make your overall bathroom experience better, but it will also help you prevent a plumbing emergency!

Avoid a Nasty Situation with Toilet Cleaning

Keeping your toilet clean is essential to proper toilet etiquette! Before we even go into cleaning your toilet, it’s vital that we remember always to flush.

That should go without saying, but we’ve all had that shocking and unfortunate experience of walking into a bathroom stall and finding a toilet full of…someone else’s business. Gross! Break the cycle; flush.

The next step is to clean the toilet. Naturally, you aren’t expected to deep clean a public toilet, but you are expected to wipe a toilet down if you happen to spray the seat a little bit. In your home, you should also be scrubbing the bowl on a regular basis to keep it fresh and prevent mold and other bacteria from growing there.

Avoid the Need for Repiping by Keeping Pipes Clear

Repiping services can be expensive and make a mess in your home. That’s why you should try to avoid them at all costs. One way to protect your pipes is to take care not to flush inappropriate things down the toilet that could cause a clog and, potentially, pipe damage.

You shouldn’t be flushing anything other than human waste or toilet paper down your toilet. Here are some examples of things you should never put in your toilet:

  • Diapers or sanitary napkins
  • Cotton swabs (Q-Tips) or squares
  • Large wads of toilet paper
  • Paper towel
  • Wet wipes
  • Hair trimmings
  • Nail clippings

Avoid a Plumbing Emergency (and a Medical Emergency)

Now listen, we don’t expect anyone to be an angel. You may have gone out and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish form, if you catch our drift. Maybe you enjoyed one too many Guinnesses or a shot of Irish Whiskey and forgot your bathroom manners.

This becomes a problem when people overindulge and forget their aim. Besides being completely unsanitary, and causing an inconvenience to others, this problem can also cause a safety hazard. What if someone slipped and hit their head! Talk about unlucky!

The way to avoid a serious injury and keep bathrooms everywhere cleaner, can we all agree that we will try a little harder to #keepyouraim, even when celebrating a fun holiday like St. Patrick’s Day? Remember that if your luck ever does run out, and you have a plumbing emergency in your own home, you can count on Peterman Brothers to take care of it for you! Call us to speak with a plumbing contractor in Indianapolis.

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