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Meet the iWin Foundation: Empowering Hoosier Breast Cancer Patients

A Peterman Brothers Charity Spotlight

At Peterman Brothers, community engagement and giving back are deeply ingrained values, celebrated through the annual Charity Showdown. This unique event takes the form of a bracket-themed tournament, allowing the community to select their favored charity partners for the year.

As part of this tradition, we have the privilege of spotlighting local charities showcasing their incredible work. In this spotlight, we focus on the inspiring and transformative Indiana Women in Need or iWin Foundation.

The iWin foundation, a beacon of hope for breast cancer patients

In the heart of Indiana, a remarkable nonprofit organization named the iWin Foundation is profoundly impacting the lives of individuals battling breast cancer. The mission of the iWin Foundation is clear: to serve Hoosiers undergoing breast cancer treatment by alleviating their physical, financial, and emotional burdens.

Sue Wynne, the Operations Director of the iWin Foundation, explains the driving force behind their work: “The true reason that we are here helping more and more people each year is because of the community support that we get.” The iWin Foundation is deeply rooted in the support it receives from the local community, enabling it to serve individuals throughout Indiana.

Nancy Shepard, the founder of the iWin Foundation, founded the organization with a personal connection to the cause. “I wanted to start the iWin Foundation because I experienced a good friend of mine receiving the diagnosis of breast cancer when she was young, 35 years old, and had two small children under five,” she shares. Witnessing her friend struggle during treatment and recognizing the lack of support for women facing similar challenges, Shepard decided to make a difference.

Iwin Foundation’S Annual Pink Pajama Party

Hear the impact from a survivor themselves

For individuals like Sara McInerney Hauck, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 30, the iWin Foundation provided crucial support during her battle. “I think I chose gas and a massage, so gas for my car and then a massage for myself,” Hauck mentions. The organization’s support extends beyond financial aid, creating experiences that brighten the lives of those it serves. Hauck speaks fondly of attending iWin events, saying, “It was a really fun, uplifting kind of energy for me to break up my routine, which had been work, sleep, and go to treatment.”

One of the distinctive features of the iWin Foundation is its inclusivity. Sue Wynne explains, “The nice thing about iWin is that the only requirement is that you’re currently going to the treatment of breast cancer and live in Indiana.” This approach ensures that anyone facing the challenges of breast cancer in Indiana can receive support, regardless of income or financial status.

A helping hand from Peterman Brothers

To expand their reach and impact, the iWin Foundation recently received support from the Peterman Brothers’ charity event. The foundation’s engagement with the event demonstrates its commitment to its mission. Nancy Shepard highlights the significance of this support, stating, “We are seeing a record high. Last year, we served over 600 individuals; this year, we’re on track to serve over 800.” The generosity of organizations like the Peterman Brothers is essential in helping iWin serve more individuals and make a lasting difference.

The iWin Foundation is more than a nonprofit organization; it’s a community of compassion, generosity, and support. Sue Wynne sums it up, saying, “The heart of iWin is in the kindness and generosity of each one of the counties that we serve.” Their work, driven by community support and dedicated individuals, touches the lives of Hoosiers battling breast cancer and empowers them to face their challenges with hope and resilience.

For more information or to seek help you can visit them here.

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