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Peterman Brothers Yard Sign Program Win A 250 Gift Card-Blog-Header

Peterman Brothers Yard Sign Program: Win a $250 Gift Card

I remember being out a lot with Blake, our daughter, and she would bounce with excitement every time she saw Uncle Tyler and me on our yard signs across town. We couldn’t go far without this happening, and it made me smile to know our team was excelling at delighting our customers.

These trips also made me feel thankful for all the families sporting our signs outside their homes. This thankfulness sparked an idea that the team and I worked on for a while, and in 2022 we launched our Yard Sign Program to pay it back to our customers.

How to Enter:

1. Allow our technicians to install a yard sign on your front lawn.
2. Help your technician fill out your entry form information.
3. Keep the sign installed for as long as you’d like to for a chance to win $250!

We understand you may have questions about this program, so we’ve compiled some info for you:

Q: How Is A Winner Chosen?
A: All names are entered into a name pool, and winners are randomly chosen.

Q: How Often Do You Draw A Winner?
A: We draw winners at the end of each month!

Q: What If My Name Is Drawn, But I Don’t Have The Yard Sign Up?
A: You need to have the yard sign up to be eligible to win.

Q: What if I Need a New Sign?
A: Email if you need a new yard sign

Q: What Kind Of Gift Card Is It?
A: It’s a Visa gift card, so you can spend it wherever you like!

Q: Can I Enter More Than Once?
A: Each household is limited to one entry per month.

Q: Can Someone Win Multiple Months In A Row?
A: Yes, Indeed!

Q: What if My HOA Will Not Allow Yard Signs?
A: You can still enter! Leave it up for as long as you can, and we will make a note in your account.

If you have any other questions about our Yard Sign Program, you can shoot us an email at Again, thank you all so much for being part of the Peterman family, and we look forward to more ways to reward your loyalty.

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