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Maintenance Plan From Peterman Brothers
Maintenance Plan From Peterman Brothers

HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Maintenance Program

Peterman Protection Club – The Protection You Can Trust, From The Family That Cares.

Most repairs that technicians have to make are because of problems that could have been prevented through regular maintenance. This alone makes our club worth joining, you save money and we help you cut down on preventable issues, extending the life of your heating, cooling, plumbing & electrical systems.

A lot of companies offer these services, but not all companies go beyond that. Below you will learn how our maintenance programs are industry-leading and how much value we give back to you because you too are part of our Peterman Family and should be treated as such.

We are proudly providing value to you through our Peterman Protection Club program.

Your Protection Club Benefits

  • Never Pay a Service Fee
  • 15% Discount On Repairs
  • 5% Discount on Installations
  • Request a Technician
  • Members-Only Service Line
  • Yearly Peterman Protection Bucks
  • Monthly Member Specials
  • I Know the Peterman Brothers Referral Bonus
  • Up to $2,500 in Member-Only coupons!
  • Service Call Charity Donation

Your Protection Club Maintenance Services

Furnace 22-Point Inspection

From top to bottom, we will make sure that your furnace is safe, and that your family is protected from potential poisonous gas leaks.

BONUS! Furnace Performance Report

We will check levels before and after service and document it for your safety.

Whole House Plumbing Inspection

Our plumbers go behind the scenes for a 360 evaluation of your system.

BONUS! Safety Valve Tags

We will tag shut-off valves for quick identification in emergencies.

BONUS! Electrical Inspection

We ensure the safety of your home with a thorough inspection of your panel, breaker, components that should be grounded, as well as, inspecting outside electrical.

A/C Outdoor Coil Cleaning

We will make sure your air conditioner coils are cleaned to perfection.

BONUS! Chore Of Your Choice

Need a light bulb changed? Trash taken out? Newspaper brought in? Just ask.

Helping You Help Others: Service Project Of The Month

From fundraisers to clothing and food drives, we are your partners in the community!

Maintenance Plan From Peterman Brothers

Questions about the Peterman Protection Club? Contact us today.

View the Peterman Protection Club Terms & Conditions here.

It Starts With The Same Guarantees That We Provide To Every Single Customer

Owner’s Voice Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you feel there is an issue with our service or an employee that our Customer Experience team is not able to resolve, you will have direct access to the owners to discuss the issue. You are dealing with a family-owned company and will be treated like family.

We Value Your Time Guarantee.

Our call center is open 24/7, and when you call, you will always speak with a live person. We will schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. Then, before our technician arrives, we will call you when we are headed your way (so you aren’t wasting time waiting).

We Value Your Home Guarantee.

Our technicians use floor-protecting shoe covers and drop cloths to protect your home. We will ensure they leave your home’s interior in the same condition as when they arrived. If we don’t get it to your satisfaction, then we will clean your house.

Tell-A-Friend Guarantee.

We accept responsibility for ensuring you are not only a satisfied customer, but also feel confident enough to tell a friend about our company. If you are dissatisfied and would not consider recommending Peterman Brothers to a friend, we will do whatever it takes to make it right.

5-Star Service Guarantee.

Our technicians are the best in skill, attitude, and workmanship. We provide extensive training to keep them up-to-date so you get the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry. If the technician has not performed in accordance with the Peterman high standards, we will do everything in our power to correct the situation.

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